Nash Vega

Who Am I?

Hello friend, I’m Nash Vega – proud founder of Empowered Wellness.  My purpose and mission is to empower people like you to create the health and happiness that you truly desire in your heart.

If you’re sick, I want to help you learn how to heal yourself from within.

If you’re overweight, I want to help empower you to make the food and lifestyle changes needed to get to the exact weight you dream of.

If you suffer from any other kind of chronic symptoms or pain, I want to teach you what real nutrition actually is and why FOOD is the very best medicine to nourish your cells and allow the body to self-heal on it’s own (which it is already designed to do when it has the right stuff to work with).

Cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, acne, migraines, allergies … almost every kind of sickness or affliction can be healed completely by the body itself once the body (and mind/spirit) has been given the proper nutrients needed.

Currently I’m training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, which is empowering me to be able to help people live longer and be happier. IIN is the #1 nutrition and health coaching school in the world, and I’m learning from the top experts in the fields of nutrition and functional medicine about the true and unbiased facts about health and nutrition. Trust me, it’s freakin’ exciting!

This website and the content within it are my way of spreading this message of good health and happiness with the world, and I welcome your comments and interaction on anything that interests you here.

Stay well, and be empowered!

Nash Vega
The Empowerment Coach